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A new home of adventures in the South is coming

The South has long become a favored residential destination of many urbanites who have opted to trade the intoxicating excitement of city life for the comfort and solace of the suburbs.

A cursory look at the South of Metro Manila and you’ll see it teeming with an eclectic mix of residential communities and pockets of thriving commercial areas to mirror the comfort and convenience that can be had if one were to live in the city. And, thanks to the increasingly extensive road networks linking the metro to the areas in South Luzon, travel has become all the more convenient too, should you need to go to any of the central business districts, schools and other establishments in the urban centers. To have a home that serves as a calming sanctuary conducive to raising families and nurturing one’s well being is more than enough trade off for the bustling, exhilarating lifestyle awaiting in the cities.

But while there are already a number of well ensconced residential complexes in the South, the promise of a whole new distinct experience is now being offered to future residents of this massive expanse of land in Canlubang, Laguna, where a vibrant community will soon rise.

And it is in here where Rockwell Land is bringing its signature lifestyle through its first premium horizontal development called Rockwell South at Carmelray. With this project, the high end developer will be offering a seamless blend of its trademark elegance, comfort, convenience and the laidback suburban vibe, with picturesque scenery and lush landscape as a backdrop. Here’s why you should head down South and see what Rockwell has to offer.

Art of ‘beyond ordinary’

Just as it has transformed pockets of idle land in Metro Manila, Rockwell Land will be once again breathing new life into this 63 hectare expanse in Canlubang, comprising the first phase of development for its newest and biggest development yet.

Rockwell South at Carmelray is well poised to become a breathtaking residential retreat as well as the most coveted address of the well-heeled market in this part of the region as it makes possible a lifestyle that could still be laid back yet replete with all the modern necessities and opulence that are often found in cities and urban centers.

Lush landscapes and open spaces will define Rockwell South at Carmelray.

“Rockwell has mastered the art of beyond ordinary, luxury living and experience and Rockwell South at Carmelray is no different. With a thoroughly master planned community, breathtaking and lush greenery and rich landscape, and expansive features and amenities, the development integrates and finds the perfect balance between both,” explained Tracey Castillo, Marketing AVP of Rockwell Land.

“We are bringing the distinct Rockwell lifestyle and experience that we are known for in the South through our strengths as a developer: security and exclusivity, with only a few lots fit for the tasteful niche; expansive streets and road networks; as well as features and amenities that are a cut above the rest,” Castillo further said.

Your kind of neighborhood

Everyone can easily find their haven at Rockwell South at Carmelray be it for a growing family who needs proximity to modern conveniences; empty nesters who prefer a more laidback, serene community; entrepreneurs and executives who have to have easy access to bustling urban centers and business districts; or the fitness and wellness enthusiasts who long to be nearer to nature.

Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you can choose from several lot sizes with cuts ranging from 656 sqm to over 1,000 sqm. And within here, you can build a new home where you can readily enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures amid the lush greenery and the nurturing, calming effect of nature.

The development features amenities that would allow for a well-balanced lifestyle.

A host of new features and amenities will surely regale and fit the preferred lifestyle of future residents, as Rockwell South at Carmelray will boast of over 3 hectares of amenities and recreational spaces that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation all year round as you will never run out of things to do here.

An expansive central amenity spanning 1.9 hectares will be home to Rockwell South at Carmelray’s clubhouse, function room, gym, dance studio, multi-use court, swimming pool, play area, shade tents, and a barbecue area where friends and families can either achieve their fitness goals, come together for a much sought bonding time, or simply unwind for that quality “me-time”.

Greener pastures await at the four recreational parks spread across a 1-hectare expanse, which will meanwhile be within easy reach—providing more than enough space for exhilarating outdoor activities for everyone, and perhaps, even your very own spot to breathe in fresher air and positivity. Here you’ll have the wellness garden, the tree house, garden gazebos, more play areas, bike paths, al fresco dining areas, and a grill patio, all catering to the diverse lifestyle needs of Rockwell South at Carmelray residents.

Lush landscapes and open spaces will define Rockwell South at Carmelray.

A beautiful journey

It will be one beautiful and easy journey for future residents of Rockwell South as it offers the ease of access and connectivity to necessary establishments and institutions. For one, Rockwell South at Carmelray is surrounded with several academic institutions, leisure and retail spots, churches, hospitals and health institutes, among others. It also can be your jump off point to the pristine beaches in nearby areas for that quick weekend getaway.

Indeed, Rockwell is giving you another reason to head—and move—to the South, where it is bringing a new flavor and a distinct lifestyle that you deserve.