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Amenities And Features To Look For In Your Next Property Investment

There is no denying that even starting couples and families can easily purchase their own property investment.  Filipinos are starting to see its long term value. There are a lot of opportunities available once you get your own lot, unit, or house. Aside from the price appreciation of these properties, leasing can also be another source of income. Most young couples and families can take advantage of this by renting out their condos.. The money they receive can then be added to the monthly amortization of the property.

There is a heightened demand to purchase residential real estate  in the country. The condominium prices range from 1.7 million to 200 million pesos with varying payment options. 

Developers are keeping up with the demand as more properties on the pipeline are being launched and continuously being constructed to meet the needs of the growing investment property market. According to Collier’s Q1 report, over the next three years, we expect Metro Manila’s condominium stock to grow 19.3% or 141,760 units. 

With that many options, it is best to consider if the features of a certain property  suit your needs as a buyer or as a lessor. Here are some things to consider to make sure you are getting value for your money when you make that huge step of buying an investment property. 

Proximity to Retail Establishments

Nowadays, traffic is among the top issues everyone is facing, especially those who are living in central business districts. Hence, one of the main features one must consider when buying a property is its proximity to retail establishments. Banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores are just some of the establishments that should be relatively near your property of choice. It increases the equity of your investment because potential buyers and lessors would want to go for a property that will bring them closer to their living necessities.

Access to Leisure Pools for Adults and Kids

Leisure pools are a great amenity to have. It’s both a place to cool down and relax with the family and a way to stay physically fit. Swimming builds endurance, keeps your heart rate up, and works-out one’s whole body. Investing on a property that is aesthetically pleasing is a huge plus!

Access to Greenery and Lush Open Spaces

A property with expansive open spaces gives residents an area to stroll, play outdoor games, and spend quality time with family. Having jogging paths and access to indoor running facilities like treadmills is also a good factor to consider if you’re aiming for holistic wellness. Proven to have a positive effect on a person’s overall health, embracing a jogging and walking routine generally improves stamina and helps build stronger bones. (4)  It is important to consider the availability and access to plants and greens to give condo unit owners a source of nature’s calming properties in the midst of their fast paced lives.

Access to Sports Facilities

If you and your family are into or would like to get into sports like basketball, tennis, or even dancing, there are some properties that have several exclusive amenities designed for holistic wellness such as The Grove by Rockwell. Sports don’t only help people get in shape, it also improves a person’s overall state of health. Encourage a healthy lifestyle by living in a community that offers you the tools and support the best version of you.

The Grove’s Indoor Court

Make sure to do your research on the developer of your chosen property. Among the front-runners in the real estate industry that has a solid experience of building and managing properties and communities is Rockwell Land. Rockwell Land Corporation continues to raise the bar inside and outside Metro Manila with community developments where residences, work spaces, and lifestyle hubs all come together. 

Rockwell believes in bringing a “beyond ordinary” experience and it shows with the stamp of stellar service that can be seen throughout the entire management team of the company. Among its developments that support holistic wellness is The Grove by Rockwell. 

The Grove by Rockwell is a resort-like residential enclave within the city. It continues to reflect Rockwell’s thrust to provide residents a well-balanced lifestyle in a secure and safe community. It boasts a retail row that houses establishments and restaurants, and it also has recreational amenities like swimming pools, an exclusive fitness gym, basketball and tennis courts, as well as a dance studio. If you are looking for a family-friendly property with leisure and recreational facilities perfect for city living, this is the Rockwell property for you. You may visit our website or talk to our team for more information.