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Atty. Reggie Jacinto-Barrientos

Rockwell has not stopped making dreams come true. Our journey to happy every after started in Rockwell. The thread that ties the memories we build together is Rock-centric. Rockwell is so much a part of our life, we have a special mode of transportation that we adopted for travel to Rockwell. Our electric golf cart zips across the village and the community for our daily and multiple visits. We have celebrated many birthdays and swimming parties of our 2 sons at the Rockwell Club. And the movies always call, thanks to the convenience of the cinemas. Rockwell has not stopped making dreams come true. What already is my happy-ever-after story has even reached new heights. A new chapter has opened, with the new office building of 8 Rockwell. On this rock my law firm, PJS Law, will soon find its new home.