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Growing Gracefully

As a young family living in the heart of the city, Toby and Val Tangsoc talk about the challenges that they face

For any family, one of the most exciting – and most challenging – experiences that they can share is the time when a couple transitions from their status as newlyweds into that of new parents.

Toby and Val Tangsoc can certainly attest to that. The couple currently works in the food distribution industry, specifically for family-owned Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation, the company behind popular rice brands Harvester’s, Farmboy, and Jordan Farms. They are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary this December and are parents to Asher, a little boy of almost two who has a delightfully jolly disposition. As the Tangsocs are currently expecting their second child in another few months, they spoke of how things changed for them around the time their eldest was born.

As newlyweds, Toby and Val lived in The Grove, Rockwell’s township in Pasig. It was a community that seemed to grow along with them.

“Our unit was on the same floor as the amenities,” Toby recalls. “The retail area wasn’t there yet, and the only restaurants within the premises were a Starbucks, Sunrise Buckets, and a Japanese establishment.” But this wasn’t too much of an issue and the church they were attending was but a stone’s throw away. Also, it was a place where they felt both safe and welcome. 

“[At The Grove], people were very friendly,” Toby says of their neighbors. “Everyone knew us.”

“It was homey, and we felt very protected,” Val chimes in, citing the excellence of the security services and community management. “We loved the fact that [the management] were strict when it came to the safety of residents.”

At the time, the Tangsocs lived in a one-bedroom condo unit that served them well as a home in the early days of their marriage. However, when baby made three, they knew that it was time to move out.

“We currently live in Quezon City,” Val explains, pointing out that living in a three-floor townhouse presents its own set of issues to deal with. “It’s a bit of a challenge to maintain and it can be difficult when you don’t have a helper with you. Also, with our son becoming more active and the new baby coming soon, having three floors does cause some concern.”

But things are looking up for the Tangsocs: they are set to move into a unit at the Proscenium where there will be ample space for the young family to grow in a safe, healthy, and caring community.

“My parents actually purchased units at the Proscenium after they saw how well [our community] took care of us at The Grove,” Val says. “We also noticed that a lot of people who bought properties there tend to stay there. People who buy units actually aim to live in them.”

It’s not hard to see why. Along with ample measures for safety and security, there are also a number of activities that can be enjoyed by residents of all ages from hanging out in the verdant green spaces to community movie nights. It is, all things considered, a great place for a family to grow in.

Val and Toby have come a long way since their first home at The Grove and are now poised to raise their children at the Proscenium. Likewise, Rockwell will continue to be a part of their lives even when they head out of town, as they also have a holiday home at Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan in Cebu. And why not? With friendly neighbors, plenty of engaging activities, and a verdant environment, Val says it best: “It really is a great community.”