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Home Hunting: What To Look For In Your Next Residence

Discover the key qualities that make communities by Rockwell Horizontals ideal places to live and build a home in

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing where to live. It being the place where people spend most of their time these days, a home needs to suit one’s lifestyle and cater to their wellbeing. Current circumstances have then made homebuyers prioritise access to fresh air and wide-open spaces, making horizontal developments more attractive.

Rockwell Horizontals answers to the call with suburban havens in Laguna, Batangas, Cebu and soon, Bacolod. Each property is strategically located to accommodate vast living grounds while still being within reach of city centres. Residents will also find that they all possess ideal qualities that homebuyers should look for in residential communities: open spaces for recreation, access to nature, nearby conveniences, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Aside from one’s house, the quality of common spaces is important in a neighbourhood that they reside in. These include parks and amenities where one can play sports or leisurely hang out.

The first phase of Rockwell South at Carmelray in Calamba, Laguna covers an expanse of 63 hectares, with 3 hectares worth of spaces for leisure. This includes the Central Amenity area—a hectare-large in itself—where they’ll find a clubhouse with an events hall and fitness gym, and outdoor amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, multi-purpose courts, playground, shade tents and even a barbeque area. Otherwise, they can visit the other seven recreational parks across the estate; they can walk their pets at the Dog Park and Treehouse park, work out at the Fitness Park, do outdoor yoga at the Wellness Park, go cycling at the Bike Park, bring their kids to the Play Park, or take the family to the Barbecue Park.

While the property’s parks are still being developed, guests may get a glimpse of these recreational spaces through the Tree Nursery at Rockwell South at Carmelray. Upon visiting the property, one will witness how Rockwell’s signature lifestyle will thrive in its largest project to date and how it makes for an ideal landscape for everyday adventures.


Spending time in nature has long been proven to boost one’s overall wellbeing. Living in greener areas and being exposed to nature for at least 120 minutes a week is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, among others, and is known to improve one’s mental health.

Tucked away in Lipa, Batangas, Terreno South offers a 1:1 tree to house ratio to ensconce homes in lush greenery. With its first phase being turned over, its residents need not look far to enjoy the crisp, fresh air that they have access to at any time of the day. Indoor and outdoor amenities are also found within the property, including a picnic area.

The success of Terreno South’s first two phases has also paved the way for more lots to be added to the development, in cuts that allow homeowners to create spaces that are more optimised to what they require. This also creates opportunities for more people to experience its thriving environment.


One’s proximity to their everyday needs should also be considered when looking for a home. An ideal location would be close to places where one can buy groceries, meals, and the like.

While Nara Residences in Bacolod City will have 80 per cent of open spaces, it is set to have a dedicated area for retail establishments. Similar to other Rockwell communities, it will easily provide residents with access to essentials as well as dining options. Currently, The Rockwell Glass House located in the property hosts lifestyle concessionaires to give Bacolodnons a taste of what’s to come. This also provides home hunters with an opportunity to see the site of what could be their future abode.

Exclusive horizontal spaces will also soon be unveiled here where one can curate a home to suit their discerning tastes. This allows future residents to enjoy both its sprawling grounds and the convenience the development offers. 


Since a home is where one finds respite, many have taken it a step further to invest in seaside locations where tranquil waters offer a distinct sense of calm. With a beachside home to call their own, one can stay for as long as they choose to in such refreshing environs.

The Villas at Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan will have anyone feel like they’re living in paradise. Guests who visit the site may now view the 270-metre stretch of white beach that’s exclusive to the property, which will only be a few steps away from one’s luxurious villa. Here residents can swim, sail, or snorkel, or simply lounge by the sands. Each villa also has its own pool deck to use at one’s leisure, as one will soon see in its onsite upcoming model villa.

With well thought out features in vast landscapes, Rockwell Horizontals creates holistic communities that cater to its residents’ various needs. In these locations, one will not only find the site of their future home but also grounds for their lifestyles to flourish.