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How to Balance Work and Life

Maintaining work-life balance is key to a holistic and healthy lifestyle among employees. Here are ways on how to embrace the balance between work and life while living in the city.

Since the pandemic hit two years ago, the workplace has had to adjust to the circumstances. Working from home became the norm for most industries, as the country strived to comply with health protocols and social distancing measures.

Yet today, as pandemic restrictions continue to loosen and we continuously learn how to navigate through the new normal, we’re also seeing the return of office life as we know it as companies now allow some of their employees to safely return to the workplace. Yet for many people who have been working from home since 2020, this would signal yet another adjustment in work-life balance, after having spent two years adapting to a work-from-home or hybrid arrangement. 

After all, the events of the pandemic have underlined the need to balance work and home life making time for both their professional and family lives in a healthy manner.

While it is essential to create a more professional environment and foster high performances, the new-normal workplace must also be conducive for employees to lead fulfilling lives in and out of work. Here are the factors that help strike a balance between work and life.

Creating an open and welcoming environment

While many have struggled with working from home at the beginning, over time people have learned to embrace the comforts of their dwelling while driving themselves to achieve productive results at work. The stiffness and formality of a workplace may hinder employees from reaching their best performance.

In signaling a return to the workplace, it may be helpful to create a warm and welcoming environment, from office dynamics to the actual physical space. Consider a spacious and open layout that encourages people to come as themselves, collaborate freely with others, and evoke a sense of lightness that keeps employees’ moods upbeat.

Having other amenities within reach

Workplaces located in prime areas where conveniences are easily within reach help achieve a better work-life balance. With groceries and banks nearby, professionals can easily attend to other affairs outside of work with ease. And having various dining, recreational, and wellness options nearby provides multiple opportunities to immediately decompress after work.

Aside from being home to top-tier amenities and a theater, Rockwell Workspaces in Makati also has the Power Plant Mall within close distance, as well as a row of retail establishments so that even the busiest of individuals may have time for other pursuits.

A premier and secure location

When professionals feel secure in a trusted work environment, located in a top-quality property within a premier and secure community, this eases their stress and worries. This ensures that employees feel at home and comfortable in their immediate environment, integrating the best elements of work and life together. 

Rockwell Land offers developments of outstanding quality along with vibrant communities, fostering a holistic work lifestyle that allows professionals to work and feel at their best. Fostering work-life balance and a conducive environment for a fulfilling career, Rockwell creates community developments where residences, work spaces, and lifestyle hubs come together. From residential properties, office and retail spaces, to leisure developments, Rockwell’s developments all highlight strategic locations, excellent and dedicated property management, and premium amenities suited to its discerning clients. 

With Rockwell, you can have it all — a fulfilling career and a satisfying lifestyle. Visit to learn more.