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How To Celebrate Easter At Home With Kids

Over a year into quarantine, many children may not have had the chance to go outside and play the way they used to. It has surely also posed a challenge for parents to keep their kids constantly happy and entertained, especially when special occasions arise. With Easter Sunday just around the corner, you might be looking for ways to make it feel festive even while spending it at home. To help you out, here are a few fun and easy activities to do just that.

  • Decorate eggs
    This Easter activity is a classic for good reason. Bring out your paint, markers, and stickers to create fun designs on your eggs! One simple way to color the egg shells is to mix a half cup of boiling water with 15 drops of food coloring and a teaspoon of vinegar. This also helps cook the egg just enough that it won’t easily crack once the kids get decorating.
  • Do an egg hunt at home
    Hide your decorated eggs in nooks and crannies all around the house for a fun scavenger hunt! A nice twist would be to use colorful toy eggs filled with small treats that would surely be a welcome surprise for the kids.
  • Make homemade bunny ears
    What better way to celebrate than to dress up like the Easter bunny itself? With refashioned headbands and some craft materials, your kids can have the perfect accessory for their fun-filled Easter day.
  • Bake Easter-themed treats
    Turn those eggs into something delectable by whipping up some baked goods! Whether it’s cookies or cakes that the family enjoys, it’s easy to make any dessert Easter-appropriate with the right color palette—think of using soft colors and pastels for embellishments.
  • Join a virtual party
    Zoom parties have become a norm in the past year to celebrate special occasions safely from home. These include a hosted program with exciting performances and that kids can take part in, as well activity kits

For an easy yet exciting Easter Sunday, The Rockwellist presents Rockwell’s Bunny Diner, an adventure package that let’s kids cook up a storm. Each kit comes in fun burger backpacks, and includes easter eggs, a chef’s costume, activity kits, some sweet treats, and a unique QR code that gives access to an exclusive Zoom performance by Madison Events. Order your Diner kits now at or get them at the R1 Level of Power Plant Mall until March 31.