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Making Errand Runs Fun

Whether it’s replacing your watch battery, breathing life into your beloved heirloom bag or getting a new pair of specs, errands are made easy as pie within the mall!


Ever wondered if there was a watch repair shop to take your vintage heirloom for a new lease on life? Asprey may look like your typical watch accessories shop—complete with a wide range of beautiful leather and rubber straps to choose from—but, in case this is news, they also have a very reliable repair service you can trust your precious watches with.

We took a peek at their workstation and was quite impressed with the professionalism and expertise of their service. The space was neat and organized and the technician was even in their official Asprey uniform, which when dealing with hundreds of thousands worth of merchandise, is a reassuring sight.

Bag Rx

If you’re more of a bag person and collecting is your passion, you’ll need Bag Rx on your side. The hidden gem of a shop has their very own leather first aid kit, which contains a liquid shield that protects, leather relief that cleans, and a white towel plus sponge for application. How’s that for convenience? Their cleaning kit and repair chemicals were developed using the finest leather technology in Italy, prioritizing leather care and restoration rather than replacement to preserve the integrity of the material. Services include basic cleaning, color revive, leather reconstruction, mold removal, resealing of rubber edges, metallic boost, grain copying and a special Louis Vuitton restoration of their vachetta leather, specially offered for all you LV fanatics out there.

L.S. Pascual Optical

In the market for designer eyewear, prescription specs or need an eye exam? L.S. Optical has all these and more. A resident ophthalmologist is on had to assist from a basic eye exam, to finding the correct grade for your needs, to choosing top quality contact lenses.

They carry hip and fashion forward brands like Linda Farrow, RetroSuperFuture and Yoji Yamamoto, just to name a few and a wide range of prescription eyewear and accessories, even a modern collar clip for hanging your eyewear, hassle-free! Consider L.S. Pascual the next time you’re in the market for new specs. You won’t be disappointed!

Asprey and Bag Rx are at the P1 Level.
L.S. Pascual Optical is at the R3 Level.