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Redefining modern lifestyles at 32 Sanson

If there’s one quality that newlyweds Richie Anne Castillo-Tan and Jeremiah Tan share, it’s a career-oriented drive toward excellence. The young couple each own their respective businesses and they’ve proven themselves to be truly impressive entrepreneurs.

An artist at heart, Richie Anne started Qurate & Co., a gifting brand that meticulously creates gift boxes for special occasions.

“I knew that this was a valuable idea, especially during the pandemic because I saw how people were longing for a way to make their lives normal again, and not lose quality and connection,“ she shared.

Sharing a similar penchant for well-appointed experiences, Jeremiah co-founded NMD, a technology company focused on automation and innovation. “Home automation satisfies the areas of convenience, efficiency,” he said. “And I could say it maximizes the potential of a home.”

With the unique perspectives that they bring to the table, the couple looked forward to curating the ideal home they envisioned as they moved into their choice of residence at the tranquil community of 32 Sanson by Rockwell. The pair have made themselves quite at home in their unit, each of them having added their personal flair.

Richie Anne’s eye for detail has inspired her to dress up their home with “a mix of light brown and black accents,” which complements their unit’s built-in premium finishes. She also admires 32 Sanson’s mid-rise buildings, and how it emphasizes the openness of the property. Its overall architecture is likewise highlighted by its lush greenery.

Jeremiah also plans on using his services in automation for their lighting, entertainment, and temperature control systems.

“I imagine being woken up by natural sunlight that is let in by the automatic opening of the blinds, with invigorating, motivational music to start the day,” he pictured. “Coming back from work, I can also turn on the AC right before I go up the condo, just to have the place cooled ahead.”

Since comfort is important for the couple, they appreciate the qualities the community has that allow them to be at ease. “Living in a condo makes it easy to pack up for a trip, knowing that the property is secure,” Jeremiah said. Amenities like the swimming pool and fitness gym also let them work out or relax whenever they choose to.

They also appreciate the quality service provided by property management, which was especially important when Typhoon Odette struck Cebu. The couple did not need to venture away from home to have access to their basic needs since 32 Sanson maintained a steady supply of water and electricity throughout. Even in times of crisis, the couple found that Rockwell delivered on its promise of being a home to rely on.

“Our home here is versatile, easy for us to manage, and works as an investment,” Richie Anne said. The amenities and convenience offered by 32 Sanson allow her and her husband to get into more hobbies, worry-free.

“We envision being active and participating in community-building activities. We will make the most out of whatever opportunities come our way,” she added.

With similar goals and their own ways of achieving them, Richie Anne and Jeremiah are successfully growing their own businesses while building a life together. And as they do, they’re happy to find a home that caters to their needs at 32 Sanson.

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