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Rediscover Wellness with these Healthy Dine-in Dishes in Rockwell Center

From vegan ramen, to shabu-shabu, to comfort food grain bowls – you can rest easy and dine safely knowing that your favorite restaurants are ready to serve you with refreshing meals that supplement your refined and organic lifestyle. 

Upping the ante and defying the common misconception that healthy has to mean bland or boring, here are some tasty top pick dishes for you to try out at these nourishing dining destinations in Rockwell Center.


Get back on track with your health journey with a nourishing grain bowl for the soul. While best known for their Build Your Own Bowl which includes mixing and matching an array of grains, proteins, and toppings, through The Grid’s contactless menu, customers can also try Granivore’s Signature Bowls which are perfect for a quick dine and go experience. 

R2, The Grid Food Market, Power Plant Mall


There’s nothing more soothing than a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day. Well known for their premium USDA graded Angus and Kobe beef, Ganso-Shabuway has been serving diners with the ultimate Japanese hot pot experience with a healthy take on shabu-shabu, serving only all-natural grass fed beef, fresh produce, and a variety of noodles, as well as other hot pot toppings.

Those who love Ganso know that their sesame sauce is what truly completes the dining experience – whether you’re enjoying their premium beef sets, vegan-friendly Vegetable & Mushroom Sets, or flavorful Seafood Sets. Relish in this Shabuway Sukiyaki as part of their To Go kits, or enjoy it for dine in with solo cook pots per customer.

P1 Level, Power Plant Mall

Wild Flour Restaurant

What started out as a lone cafe-bakery in Taguig has since expanded their reach and created a homey restaurant business that no longer needs introduction. 

Drop by for a quick snack and try the Chicken Avocado sandwich filled with leafy greens and the good kind of fats, while delighting in the relaxed atmosphere and familiar aroma of their fresh breads and pastries. Before leaving, you can also pick up some of their fresh ingredients and essentials to continue the Wild Flour Restaurant experience at home.

8 Rockwell Building, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center

Corner Tree Cafe

Serving comfort vegan food packed with natural and healthier ingredients, Corner Tree Cafe serves tasty dishes from all corners of the world – from Asia to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas with options ranging from vegan to non-vegan to gluten-free.

Their gluten free Thai Veg Curry, a flavorful curry with an assortment of vegetables cooked in creamy coconut milk, is served with a generous amount of red rice and a side of crunchy krupuk.

R3 Level, Power Plant Mall


With heightened safety protocols and a new standard for serving their most loyal customers, Ippudo happily welcomes back ramen enthusiasts who have been craving for their comforting bowls during the rainy season. A new addition to the menu this year is their Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen, made with a vegetarian-friendly broth topped with soft tofu for a healthier ramen experience.

R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

As we navigate through the current times, there’s ease and comfort in knowing that our favorite dining destinations continue to bring their resiliency to the table with a litany of many local food lovers’ favorite comfort food healthy dishes, with a little extra space.

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