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When Raising Smart Kids, Big Imagination is Also Key

When Raising Smart Kids, Big Imagination is Also Key

In this day and age of progressive education—and with more schools deviating from the traditional setup in favor of more creative teaching approaches—it’s clear that the educational system is experiencing a shift. Instead of keeping kids holed up in a classroom with their books, there’s now more emphasis on nurturing independence and imaginative thinking.

“A child with a healthy imagination often has a deeper outlook and understanding of the world around her or him,” explains Dr. Vicente Carlomagno D. Mendoza II, M.D., a pediatrician at FEU-NRMF.

Moreover, “imaginative” kids tend to have better problem-solving skills that can lead to better success in life, he adds. One easy way to boost children’s imagination is to engage them in play. “Play is very important to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of a child, [and] develops their creativity and imagination,” says Dr. Mendoza.

It’s important, therefore, for a child to have a home that affords him ample play space and plenty of room to explore and be creative—such as the new, open-space design of The Arton by Rockwell, a new exclusive community nestled on a hill in Katipunan, Quezon City. Here, we give you some expert-approved games and activities for your tots (all doable at The Arton), that can help deliver some serious dose of vitamin imagination.

Strategy Games

Forget gadgets and TV time. Dr. Mendoza recommends giving kids toys and activities that encourage them to think and analyzeYou can try games like:

1. Building Blocks

2. Puzzles

3. Mini Obstacle Course

According to Dr. Mendoza, these kinds of games and toys can help your child think and help enhance the development of their gross motor skill.


Pretend Play or Role-Playing

Remember playing bahay-bahayan and luto-lutuan when you were younger? These are examples of pretend play, which are great ways to exercise your child’s creative brain muscles. For even better make-believe scenarios—like “superhero” time, for example—help your kids make their own costumes and props, and take the fun outdoors.

Pretend Play or Role-Playing

You can also bring your kids to swimming pools and play pretend pirate ship or go on an underwater treasure hunt. Maximize the facilities you have at home or in your neighborhood so you can give your kids variety and create more interesting role-playing games that can help improve their imagination.

Storytelling or Mini Theater

Level up your bedtime story routine by turning your child’s favorite tale into a mini theatrical production. Think makeshift stage, DIY outfits, and, of course, your kids as the main stars! But don’t do everything; let your kids make the major creative decisions, and just be there to guide and help them execute their plans.

Hide and Seek or Tag

Hide and Seek or Tag

Who wouldn’t want to play these games if you have a vast space to explore or plenty of secret rooms to hide in? Let the entire family join in, too! You can also try other outdoor games like jump-rope, hopscotch, or Capture the Flag.

Arts and crafts

“Painting, coloring, and molding clay [are other ways] to develop a child’s imagination,” says Dr. Mendoza, who adds that these “creating” activities help kids translate their imagination into reality. Don’t worry too much about the mess, though. Limiting a child with too many rules can dampen his creative spirit. To get him extra inspired, have him fulfill his art time outside—with a glorious nature view.

Arts and crafts

Equipping your child with the right tools and activities to fuel his imagination, and providing him with a safe space where he can joyfully explore such creative pursuits, can help him become truly smart, creative, and well-rounded.

It’s also important to choose a family-friendly home and neighborhood that gives him access to plenty of recreational activities and areas.

 The Arton by Rockwell

The Arton by Rockwell, the first high-end, high-rise residential community in Katipunan, is just that. With an overlooking view of the Sierra Madre mountains and the Ortigas skyline, this exclusive 1.9-hectare property boasts of 80% open space and lush gardens, giving you and your family access to ample breathing space—perfect for young, curious kids who are ready to run about (in costumes, no less!), explore, and make creative messes.

The Arton’s North Tower, which will be the center of amenities, will launch soon. For more information, go here.