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With the venue decked in the elegance of 8 Benitez Suites by Rockwell, we recently tuned into insights from experts David Leechiu and Tessa Alindogan


What spells security? Peace of mind during these turbulent times when the reality of inflation rears its head. Our natural reaction is to find a safe haven to invest in, to make sure that one’s hard-earned savings are invested in assets that will withstand the problems created by an unwanted war and the ripple effects it has wrought.

It was because of these nagging thoughts that 8 Benitez Suites of Rockwell and Tatler Philippines hosted a gathering of clients and friends to talk about what the trends are in real estate. That one asset class that seems to withstand most vicissitudes thrown one’s way.

To delve into this topic, we enlisted the help of property guru, David Leechiu, CEO of Leechiu Property Consultants Inc. David shared that real estate has always been considered one of the safest assets for capital preservation in times of economic uncertainty. Amid the string of crises over the past decades, investments in residential lots in the high-end gated subdivisions in Metro Manila have proven to be excellent stores of value. For residential condominiums, capturing the price today will be beneficial when inflation and rising financing costs due to interest rate hikes push construction costs and thus selling prices upwards. The relatively stable and quiet political environment now puts the Philippines in a better position to face global economic uncertainties, and to encourage continued dollar inflows and improved consumption.

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Talking about property brings to mind 8 Benitez Suites, which is Rockwell’s gem of a development in the north. Located along C. Benitez Street near New Manila, it is tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood while still being easily accessible to Greenhills and the business districts. Here you will find an intimate community with generous spaces. Set between two six-story buildings with just three to six units per floor, 8 Benitez allows its residents to feel a sense of privacy and safety. It does truly bring together the convenience of low-rise condo living within a garden haven.

What then makes a house into a home? For this, we turned to well-respected interior designer, Tessa Alindogan. She shared that her clients often customise a unit, seeking to make it truly their own. At the end of the day, one’s taste and personality must shine through in your home. There are numerous things one can do to put your stamp on a condominium unit, ranging from choices in furniture, textures found in your home, and artwork integrated to bring the owners’ preferences to light.

On the whole, it was an evening where one learned, while being spoilt for choice with food by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, imbibed with generous glasses of bubbly, red wines and G&Ts.

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