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Yamani Calawara

We have lived in Rockwell for four years and I cannot imagine myself elsewhere or in other areas. My kids and I are happy here. They say a person must find someone who would fit your lifestyle. In this case, I have found my home, a place that fits my lifestyle. I work almost every day, I always plan my meetings and don’t need to go to other areas. I don’t have a stay in helper or cook and I have two kids. Rockwell for me is a big home, a home which we dine out twice or thrice daily. I feel safe here because of the security. My kids are happy here because of the amenities, activities and mainly because Rockwell is a quiet community. We are here because of the conveniences and the lifestyle. Rockwell is different from other places because of its lifestyle and quality of living. Everything is here. I can call Rockwell my home. I love to dine with my kids. We always go to Apartment 1B and Barcino, get delivery from AK Bistro, and sometimes at Bizu, Rambla, Refinery, Draft, Mamou or Chef Jessie. I also like watching movies with my kids, and I go to the gym almost every day, but dining in Rockwell is really number one. We love the food here.