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A heartfelt thanks to our own ‘frontliner heroes’

Written by: Olivia and Luccia Torres

The Rockwell security and property management teams are truly special in our community.

They are our beloved frontliners and support system who always put our safety and welfare as their top priority. They are an integral part of our Rockwell family.

Culture of community

The Rockwell security team, for instance, does not only keep us safe, but has also played a great role in creating the culture of the community we have today.

Since we were little girls, there was never a day when the guards did not greet us at the door with broad smiles. They have always been there by our side and watched us grow up. They all have a special place in our hearts because they go out of their way to really get to know each and every resident.

These small but genuine acts made our community stronger and made us closer. Every morning on our way to school, we remember running to the lobby to give the guards the best high fives we could give before the car picked us up. And, no matter how many residents there are in our buildings, they seem to know everyone by heart. Even when we are simply passing by, they greet us with a wave and “Hello!”

Moments like these may seem insignificant but they mean a great deal to us because they truly brighten our day.

Exceeded expectations

The amount of work and effort the guards put into ensuring the community’s safety and comfort has always exceeded our expectations. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when things were extremely tough, the Rockwell property management team, including guards, technicians and housekeeping personnel, gave up their normal way of life just to make sure that everyone in our community was taken care of.

They lived and slept in the buildings throughout the health crisis, unable to see their families as the pandemic raged. Without a doubt, they are family to the community, and they made our home a safe haven. Through storms and crises, they dedicate their time and effort into taking care of the residents. They always put us ahead of themselves.

Memorable parties, events

We are also extremely grateful to the Rockwell Team who has always made our lives as comfortable and seamless as can be. They have worked behind the scenes, organizing our favorite and most memorable annual Christmas parties that all the residents always enjoy. From the food, to the music, to the activities—they do it all to make the occasion truly joyful.

We remember the fun Easter Egg Hunts we and our neighbors took part in. Then there were the movie nights. We were curled up under blankets and munching on popcorn they offered.

The big Halloween has a new theme every year and there are all kinds of candy you can ask for, the coolest magic tricks we have ever seen and the best goodie bags to bring home. We eagerly await the fantastical Dragon dances every Chinese New Year.

These shared activities have made Rockwell not just a couple of buildings to live in, but a community of families who celebrates holidays and events together. This is all thanks to them, the people who work behind the scene, often unseen and unacknowledged.

‘Personal frontliners’

The Property Management Team has watched us and all of the kids who have lived here for the past 15 years. They know all of us personally and never fail to create events that we will treasure forever. They were the biggest help and support during the trying times of COVID-19.

Like our security team, members of the team were there for us. They were the brains who planned and executed the new protocols and how the residents should navigate their way through the pandemic. In a way, they were like our personal frontliners. Without their help and guidance, there would have been chaos.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the Rockwell Property Management and security teams in our community. Without them, Rockwell would not be as special as it is.

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