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All The Things You Should Look For in a Fully Furnished Condo

Leasing a home can be fairly easy. As long as you find the right place and establish a mutual agreement with the owner of the home, it can be a smooth transition. This is especially true for fully furnished condo units since they are usually well maintained with the help of the developers. This is the case for many of Rockwell Leasing’s exclusive properties. 

A lease normally lasts for at least six months, depending on the agreement with the leaser. There are different leasing options to choose from, like unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished homes. 

The difference between a semi-furnished home and a fully furnished one lies in the unit’s furniture and appliances. While the former has the basic furniture pieces one needs, the latter has a full set. This means that things like cutleries, curtains, and internet connection are already set up in a fully furnished home.

Before you sign that lease, here are a few things to consider. 

Check The Items Included

While looking for a condo to lease, it is necessary to check the appliances that are included inside the home. Usually, fully furnished condominiums have a refrigerator, an electric stove, a TV, and an air conditioning unit. 

Make sure these appliances are all working and in good condition. Do not hesitate to try them out once you visit the condo. For air conditioners, ask the owner when was the last time they had it cleaned. Air conditioners should be cleaned at least twice a year. 

Take note and list down all of the appliances included in the property so you would only bring what you need for a smoother transition.

Well-Maintained Facilities

When inspecting the property, make sure that all the necessary electrical and plumbing systems are in order. Take a good look and identify what else you may need. Best to take photos of the property to keep in mind whatever needs to be added, removed, or repaired. It’s important in case there are repairs that need to be made.

Conduct an inspection to assess if the property has been properly maintained. When it comes to leasing the property, regular maintenance is important. It helps you know if the things inside are working well so you won’t have to worry about repairs. 

A Good Broker

Avoid inconveniences by getting to know the broker. Make sure that the broker is reachable in your time of need, especially if you have issues that need to be addressed such as repairs. A good relationship with your broker could save you a lot of headaches.

Choose a broker who has had an impressive background in their career. This includes their experiences and licenses to sum up their credentials. Do a quick background check using reliable search engines, since some brokers have portfolios online.

Make sure to secure their contact information such as cell phone and office numbers. You can also use your conversations with them to track your payments.

An alternative way of acquiring a unit if brokers aren’t easily accessible is to inquire from the properties’ admin team. Rockwell Leasing offers a good solution for this concern. Their leasing executives and leasing referral partners can assist you with your needs. 

Look Around The Community

After checking the unit, look around the community. Homeowners are also granted access to the amenities.  Make sure to check out all the amenities available to you, so you can fully utilize them. Aside from the unit, you would also want to survey how the property is managed. Try mingling with the employees of the property and ask how often they schedule certain maintenance services, like housekeeping, sanitary inspections, and pest control. 

If you are looking into meeting new people, you can also ask if they have resident mixers, so you can get to know your neighbors. For condominiums, it is common to meet like-minded individuals and build lasting friendships with them.

Most importantly, consider the community’s security. Does it have security staff working 24/7? Are there CCTV cameras constantly monitoring certain areas? Are emergency exits accessible to you? Make sure that these are covered when you’re searching for a condominium to occupy.

An Iron-Clad Contract

For leasing agreements, it is usually the owner who prepares such documents. Like all contracts, you should read it thoroughly. A good leasing contract should have the following: 

Duration: A lease usually  lasts six months to a year. If you plan on staying longer, make sure to ask these terms with the owner. 

Deposits and fees: Your lease or rental agreement should specify the amount of rent, when it is due and how it’s to be paid. The use and return of security deposits is a frequent source of friction between landlords and tenants. To avoid confusion and legal hassles, your lease or rental agreement should be clear on the amount of the security deposit, the inclusions of the deposit, and what you can’t use it on. Important considerations also include the date and the process of the owner’s return deposits and account for deductions for other fees. 

Pets: If you plan to bring pets in your condo, try asking the owner if they allow it. Just to make sure, add that to the contract.

Convenience: Every unit owner has access to the building’s services and amenities for convenience. Unit owners can choose which of the amenities suit their lifestyle best. 

Other fees: If you’re planning to get a fully furnished condo, best to make it clear in the contract what items are currently available in the condominium. There might be some possible inclusions of association dues. 

Leasing a property is a good solution for your home search needs. Check the list above to make sure your leasing experience is as seamless as possible. Apart from the points mentioned above, Rockwell’s Leasing Services allows you to choose from its finely tailored spaces with an expansive selection of units for lease that provides you with unparalleled exclusivity and utmost convenience. Check out Rockwell Leasing here. If you wish to know more about Rockwell Leasing and Secondary sales, contact the management through the website.