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Completing the Row for a Distinct Lifestyle

Retail Row at the Grove by Rockwell

This time, it’s all about providing for the needs, and completing the experience.

Although the Retail Row at The Grove by Rockwell became more popularly known to both residents and guests for its unique dining concepts, this strip has since expanded to include new service establishments that would readily cater to your everyday needs.

That only means you can run your errands in the same area where you can get your daily dose of caffeine or your fill of specialty dishes—more like a one-stop-shop not only for the residents of The Grove, but for their guests as well.

As Camie Mirasol-Salting, senior manager for leasing and marketing for greater retail at Rockwell, had said: “We wanted (the Retail Row) to be a one-stop-shop for our residents.”

“The vision is that we can bring the best of the metro to your doorstep and you won’t need to leave the sanctuary of The Grove for your everyday essentials,” Salting earlier said.

Having the right mix of tenants would thus allow the close-knit community at The Grove to fully experience life beyond ordinary, without having to leave the confines of this Rockwell development in Pasig City. With all these in place, residents and guests would surely definitely find The Grove to be a perfect serene sanctuary in the midst of the urban jungle.

Today, The Grove’s Retail Row has expanded to include more establishments including a salon, a spa and a wellness center, a barbershop, and a housekeeping services shop, among others. Here’s what you can find.


Improve your health through the fusion of traditional western medicine methods and complementary and alternative medical theories and treatments at the Centro Holistico Integrative Wellness.

Its menu of complimentary/alternative treatments like acupuncture, Ventosa, IV nutrient therapy, and colon cleanse treatments, among others, will leave you feeling revitalized.

Centro Holistico is backed by a group of medical doctors who are in the practice of Integrative Medicine and who have a common passion to promote alternative/complementary medical treatments.

T: (02) 477-4574, (0917) 120-7058

Monday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Who says men should stick with run-of-the-mill, mediocre barbershops?

The Village Barber & Supply Shop is the newest barbershop concept from the people behind the Back Alley Barbershop.

Transforming men through exceptional grooming, The Village Barber & Supply Shop strives to be the neighborhood’s go-to spot for topnotch haircuts, shaving, and styling.

T: (0995) 468 3607

Monday to Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


If you’re in a dire need for a quick fix to keep the home spick and span, Housekeeping Place will be your perfect stop. Its professionally trained housekeepers will help maintain every nook and cranny of home.

Also offered are laundry services that are a must-try option as a complement to worry-free housekeeping.


Discover a wider variety of hair services at the Victor Ortega Salon & Spa at The Grove Retail Row if you’re out for a new look. Be primped and pampered at one of the country’s established names in grooming.

Here, you can work with professional stylists who are among the finest in hair styling and hair care.

As published in on July 1, 2017: