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Condominium Floor Plan Designs that Contribute to Your Wellness

As a property owner, you have full control over your condo unit, including how it looks. Whatever design you prefer, make sure that the interior suits your personality and contributes to your wellness. Having a concrete condominium floor plan helps you to come up with the exact details that complete the arrangement within your property. Even though your developer can provide this, you can customize your condominium floor plan according to your convenience.

Like all homes, your condominium should provide you with the comfort you need after a hard day’s work or long hours stuck in traffic. Wherever you come from, your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can easily rest and unwind from the hassles of the outside world. The arrangement and the design contribute to your wellness.

There are plenty of ways that you can customize your condominium floor plan. Some would refer to the experts in interior design and construction. Many developers present property owners and investors with ready-made floor plans for their condo units.

The Grove by Rockwell, a residential condominium with world-class facilities in Pasig City, offers an ideal floor plans for different unit types.. You can always do things on your own because like all property owners, you know what’s best for yourself and your property. You know what works and what doesn’t. With the approval of developers, as well as consultation from the experts, you can arrange your floor plans to get the ideal look of your unit.

Here are some options for you to consider when coming up with the right condominium floor plan designs.

Color it “Calm”

Did you know that colors can affect your mood? A lot of shades and hues can affect feelings the same way that your daily experiences and encounters can. Chromotherapy is a type of therapy that explores how colors relate with emotions and how they can also improve your mental health. This traces from the ancient practices of Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian civilizations.

Today, colors still remain significant when it comes to your property’s interior design and floor plans. Knowing which color to apply on the walls in a specific area will help you uplift your mood or improve your emotions. Blue is suggested to promote calmness, while green offers a refreshing atmosphere.

Colors can highlight and complement the purpose in each of your unit’s areas. For example, applying blue shades in your room can help you relax better. In the same way, if you wish to grow plants in your unit (if this is allowed by the developer), green is the right color since it reflects nature.

At the end of the day, your preference matters. Knowing that colors are connected with your moods and feelings will help you pick the right one for the unit and its respective areas. Since most developers already provide you with an available floor plan, the colors are up to you.

Spruce It Up

Speaking of plants, many residents start gardening to reduce stress. That is one of the many benefits of gardening. Witnessing your plants grow gives you a sense of productivity and fulfillment. Some would even bear fruit or grow a flower that blooms and gives your area a picturesque view.

While gardening may be possible for houses with lots and extra yards, you can also grow plants in your property by adding a space in your condominium floor plan. Plus points if you have a balcony or a terrace where your plants are guaranteed to grow with sunlight. However, it depends on the available policies of your developer.

At The Grove, garden type units allow you to live comfortably with a designated area for gardening. Since Rockwell properties care about the environment, they ensure that their residents get to experience a lifestyle that doesn’t rely too much on machines for fresh air. Plants provide that, complementing the world-class amenities that this developer offers.

Get Some Extra Light

Some condos use extra lighting for designs, while most residents use light for necessary purposes. Although you can get extra light by having windows in your unit, installing lights within specific rooms of your condo unit will help you maximize your space and brighten your mood.

If you’ve designated a reading room or a study in your unit, the more likely that you’d need extra lighting in it. Dimness will not help with your productivity, especially when you choose to work long hours and stay up for the night. Choosing the right lighting is best done with an expert interior designer.

Ideal Set Up for Work

These days, working from home has become a norm to many professionals. Along with a computer and an internet connection with fast speed, working from home helps you become productive.

Setting up a place where you can work in your unit is practical. This can help you focus on your tasks without getting distracted from any existing activity within your home. If you are staying with your family, you can easily separate your work from your personal life by setting up a dedicated workplace. This can be a separate room or a corner within your property with a desk, suitable lighting, and access to the internet connection.

Fitness Goal

Maintaining fitness is key to a healthy lifestyle. One alternative to visiting the gym is to allocate a certain space within your condo unit. Whether you follow a fitness program or subscribe to available YouTube videos, optimizing some space within your home exclusively for workout sessions will help you get fit and stay active at the same time.

This is where you can arrange your workout equipment. There are plenty of items available which you can easily bring and use at home. It may be a yoga mat, dumbbells, and maybe even treadmills. Depending on your schedule, you can always find ways to prioritize your fitness program for your health and wellness.

Invest in Your Bedroom

Although your entire condominium is designed to provide you with the comfort that you need, your room is primarily for rest and sleep above all things. You can set aside a space for reading or working from home, but your room is where optimal rest is uncompromised.

When planning for your room’s design, add the basic things you need such as a bed, side table, the right AC system, a closet, and a direct pathway to the bathroom. Always keep in mind that your room should be comfortable enough to let you sleep soundly at night or when taking a nap during the day.

The ideal condominium floor plan is one that suits your interests and needs. Having a floor plan that contributes to your wellness is not only practical, but vital when your health is a priority. Keep in mind that your unit should make you feel comfortable. Whether this depends on the color of your walls, your gardening hobbies, or spaces for work and recreation, the perfect condominium floor plan is one that benefits your entire wellness.

If you’re looking for ready-for-occupancy condo units in Pasig, Rockwell offers a wide selection of unit types to choose from. By giving you their available condominium floor plans, you can get a glimpse into what your potential home would look like. Learn more about The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig today.