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Rockwell on its Way to Deliver World Class Act

Ceremonial First Concrete Pouring of Rockwell Performing Arts Theater Arch. Carlos Ott, Acoustic Consultant Joerg Kummel, Stage Technology Consultant Horst Kunkel and Rockwell Land’s President and CEO Nestor Padilla lead the Ceremonial First Concrete Pouring of Rockwell Performing Arts Theater. 

Upscale property developer Rockwell Land Corp. held earlier this week a ceremonial concrete pouring of the Rockwell Performing Arts Theater at The Proscenium in Makati.

This world class theater, which is slated to open in the first quarter of 2020, is one of the grandest features of The Proscenium that is set to complete the famed Rockwell lifestyle.

Apart from the theater, The Proscenium also boasts of other world class amenities and facilities including curated shops at the Retail Center, an expansive outdoor amenity deck that measures almost a hectare with several refreshing pools, and outdoor courts, among others.

Behind the Rockwell Performing Arts Theater are three world class professionals who are highly renowned in their respective fields.

Arch. Carlos Ott, who was behind the overall design of the theater, shares that the “challenge is to create something different yet at the same time blend with Rockwell Center towers. Rockwell is a very well planned community. I think that adding a facility for arts is a reasonable and smart thing to do.”

Joerg Kummel, Acoustic consultant of the theater said: “We will have the possibility to listen to orchestras in natural sound. We are not going to transmit the sound through technology but we are going to transmit the sound by nature meaning pure physics from the walls as it should be.”

“It’s the latest technology available in the world and this makes it very advanced compared to other theaters because there are no other theaters which is compatible to this kind of stage technology,” added stage technology consultant Horst Kunkel.

Ott, Kunkel, and Kummel were all present during the concrete pouring. Joining them were officials from Rockwell Land namely its chair, Ambassador Manolo Lopez, and its president, Nestor Padilla.

As published in on September 30, 2017: