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Stylish and Sustainable: Turn Old Clothes Into New Outfits

Marie Kondo makes it look easy, but saying goodbye to old clothes can be an emotional experience. When you really love something, you don’t always have to let it go—right?

If your clothes still spark joy, but are no longer flattering or have gone out of fashion, consider having them altered. Upcycling old clothes breathes new life into your closet AND reduces your carbon footprint. Talk about being stylish and sustainable!

Below, a few tricks for the next time you clear out your closet and decide to turn your old clothes into new outfits. Show these to the pros at Altersmith Alterations Specialists and they’ll take care of the rest.

Transition from work to play

Take an all-business button down shirt and turn it into something more playful. Throw on a blazer for a work-appropriate look, then ditch it in time for the party.

Skirt the issue

Tired of wearing jeans? Don’t toss old pairs just yet. Have them re-styled into a casual mini-skirt or a mid-length skirt that’s super versatile.

Patch it up

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Or shirt pocket. Or pant legs. With the rise of fast fashion and mass produced garments, patches have become a fun way to make clothes your own and express yourself.

Play with necklines

Breathe new life into old dresses just by changing the neckline. A snip here and there can easily turn drab to fab.

Customize your jeans

If you’ve decided to “borrow” your boyfriend’s jeans forever (wink wink), might as well make sure it fits. 

Crop to fit

Salvage dresses or oversized shirts you haven’t worn in ages and turn them into tops that you can add to your regular rotation. Add character by making uneven hems, adding a slit on the side, lowering the neckline, or cropping it midriff. Sky’s the limit!

Let your creative juices flow! How would you redesign your clothes that don’t see the light of day?

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