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Why You Should Move to a Private Community

Families in Metro Manila are reconsidering the idea of living in the city as the new normal continues to shift and evolve. After the pandemic has compelled everyone indoors, households have reevaluated their lifestyles, with many realizing the importance of living a balanced life: from moving in vast and wide spaces and being close to nature to living a more peaceful life away from traffic, noise, and pollution.

Enter private neighborhoods. There are several up-and-coming communities and developments just by the outskirts of Metro Manila. Some neighborhoods are even a cut above the rest, promising privacy and security, as well as upscale amenities amid the luxury of space and lush sceneries. And with new road infrastructures, driving to and from the city is now a breeze — making provincial living an increasingly attractive option.

That said, moving out of the city is a big decision, especially if you and your family have always been based in the metro. While there are numerous advantages to living in private communities in nearby provinces, there are certain households and lifestyles that are especially suited to provincial life.

Here are reasons why you should move to a private community outside the metro — and factors as to why the countryside may be calling out for you.

You want your children to grow up in a peaceful yet vibrant neighborhood

Your children’s childhood years are a formative time — and in making the most of this period, their living environment counts. Their surroundings shape them and help mold them into who they will become when they grow up. A peaceful, private, yet vibrant neighborhood can enable children to spread their wings, explore the possibilities, and grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.

You crave a slower pace of life at a certain age

You may have lived a fast-paced life over the past years, but as you enter your golden years, you may find yourself wanting to slow down. Choosing the right location for your retirement home is important, as this is where you will live out your prime life. If you want a serene, private neighborhood with unparalleled access to nature, Rockwell’s properties, Terreno South and Rockwell South at Carmelray offer plenty of lush amenities that can help its retired residents live life in balance and leisure. Former city dwellers can slow down and unwind with moments of relaxation within over 3 hectares of leisure space. For Rockwell South at Carmelray, this includes the Rockwell Country Club —which houses a selection of curated amenities—and a total of eight recreational parks in the development. Each recreational park boasts a design that offers a variety of activities the residents can enjoy: nourish your mind and body at the Fitness Park, with 2,800 square meters of expanse for your fitness routines, while the Wellness Park has its own meditation garden and paved paths within 900 square meters. Ride your worries away through the 4,100 square meter Bike Park, with its own outdoor trail.

You want to create a holistic life for your family

The city puts you in the center of the action — yet if you want your family to live life in balance, a private neighborhood allows you to take a step back, slow down, and focus on the things that truly matter. Rockwell’s horizontal developments in the south, Terreno South and Rockwell South at Carmelray provide high-performing individuals a chance to practice work-life balance and create more time for their families through an abundance of nature and spots that let residents live a holistic life. 

Living amid nature also poses several health benefits — the neighborhood houses several wide-open spaces that let its residents live life to the fullest, allowing you to partake in regular exercise and breathe in the fresh air.

You’re looking for leisure and relaxation at your fingertips — within an exclusive and secure neighborhood

While private neighborhood developments may offer their own stretch of nature, parks, and clubhouses, there are few who have perfected the design of a calm and tranquil community.

Terreno South gives the promise of pleasurable suburban living in Lipa with its open spaces, pocket parks, and a cooler climate.

Meanwhile, Rockwell South at Carmelray provides its residents the luxury to step into the outdoors and enjoy unparalleled leisure immediately amid its master-planned community and wide array of amenities.

As you entrust your next home with a reputable developer, you reap the benefits of living in a new and vibrant community, with utmost privacy and exclusivity. Terreno South ensures the safety of its residents with gated main and secondary entrances, perimeter fences with concrete barriers and slopes, and 24/7 security. Meanwhile, Rockwell South at Carmelray provides uncompromised security. An RFID system guards the entry gates into the community while CCTV cameras in strategic locations ensure your safety within this private neighborhood.

If any of these criteria matches yours, you may be ready to move to a private community. A short drive from Manila, a serene environment amids sprawling lawns and an upscale neighborhood can be yours through Rockwell’s horizontal properties in Southern Luzon: Terreno South in Lipa, Batangas, and Rockwell South at Carmelray in Calamba, Laguna. 

Terreno South in Lipa, Batangas is a 46-hectare development with 1,350 residential lots that boast sprawling greens, lush spaces, and various recreational parks that are perfect for a family’s outdoor lifestyle. Aside from an expansive 1-hectare retail area, this community also houses 8,000 mature trees, providing a 1:1 house-to-tree ratio in each of its lots — a generous and luxurious stretch of nature for its residents.

Meanwhile, Rockwell South at Carmelray brings the signature Rockwell lifestyle to a wide, nature-filled development in Calamba.  A master-planned community of over 60 hectares, the neighborhood — Rockwell’s first premium horizontal development — provides a respite from the city and lets you enjoy the elegant pleasures of southern living. Aside from utmost security, Rockwell South at Carmelray is near some of the best schools in the south as well as premier retail establishments, hospitals, and churches.

Let your family live their dreams in the south with Rockwell Horizontals. Send us a message at [email protected] or visit our website to learn more.